Our Rector, Prof.Dr. Musa YILDIZ was at our Faculty for the Naming Ceremony of the “Electron Microscope Center” and “Herbarium”
6 June 2021 | 02:35

Changing the names of the Electron Microscope Laboratory in the Laboratory Building Ground Floor Z-34, which is in the use of the Biology Department Presidency of our Faculty, and the Herbarium working areas in the Laboratory Building Ground Floor Z-36, with the decision of our Faculty Board of Directors dated 04 February 2021 and numbered 05/06. It has been submitted to the Office of the University Senate and with the decision numbered 2021/36 of the meeting of our University Senate dated 10.02.2021 and numbered 02, "Prof. Dr. Zekiye SULUDERE Electron Microscope Center”, and the Herbarium located in the Laboratory Building Ground Floor Z-36 is “Prof. Dr. It was accepted to give the names of “Tuna EKİM Herbarium”.

Regarding the name change of the aforementioned study areas, our Rector Prof. Dr. An opening ceremony was held on March 15, 2021 at 14:30 with the participation of Musa YILDIZ.

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. In addition to Musa YILDIZ, our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir BULUC, our Dean Prof. Dr. Suat KIYAK, Deputy Deans Prof. Dr. Belma ASLIM, Assoc. Dr. In addition to Akif ÖZBAY, our Department Heads and faculty members and staff attended.

After the ribbons prepared for the ceremony were cut, our Rector Prof. Dr. Musa YILDIZ stated that they care about giving the names of our retired teachers to the places deemed appropriate in the relevant institutions while they are alive, and that it is important to show the feeling of loyalty while people are still alive, and they thanked our teachers for their services and wished them a healthy life.

Our Dean Prof. Dr. Suat KIYAK at the ceremony where thanked our Rector for his support for this decision regarding the naming of both outbuildings, they thanked our Rector for their work in the past, thanked our Rector, and presented our Rector with information about the work carried out in the relevant units.

Prof. Dr. Tuna EKİM and Prof. Dr. Zekiye SULUDERE, on the other hand, thanked our Rector and Dean in their speech in which they expressed their satisfaction that their names were given to the outbuildings in the institution.

Prof. Dr. Prof. Zekiye SULUDERE at the Electron Microscope Center Prof. Dr. Zekiye SULUDERE; Prof. Dr. At the Tuna EKİM Herbarium, Prof. Dr. After Tuna EKİM informed our Rector about the relevant units, group photos were taken. Our Dean Prof. Dr. Suat KIYAK Rector Prof. Dr. After presenting a wall panel to Musa YILDIZ, which was commissioned by the Biology Department, with a photograph of an endemic bulbous species that grows only in Fethiye, Baba Mountain in the world, Sternbergia candida from the Narcissus Family, our Rector Prof.Dr. At Musa YILDIZ, two retired teachers presented a wall panel with photographs of Verbascum tuna-ekimii and Ebenus smartyeae, after which they were named.

Our Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Belma ASLIM presented a flower on behalf of the members of our faculty, mentioning the efforts of both of our retired professors in their active working lives for science and raising scientists, and our guests were served with a cocktail at the end of the invitation.





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