Management Approach

Our Management Approach in our Faculty;

1 - ) To be a leading research and training institution in the field of education, research and application, educating qualified graduates who are open to scientific change and development,

2 - ) In line with our mission, within the scope of scientific and technological developments, to train undergraduate graduates who are constantly renewing themselves in the personal and professional field, who research, think critically, respect differences, and are conscious and equipped in line with quality standards,

3 - ) To create the perception of quality in all our units and departments at the level of students and employees,

4 - ) To be effective and productive in the fields of education, scientific research and social service in line with the mission, vision and goals of our faculty,

5 - ) To continuously support the personal and professional development of academic and administrative staff,

6 - ) To involve both internal and external stakeholders in the process at every stage within the framework of participatory management approach,

7 - ) To be a leading education and research institution that is sensitive to society and the environment,

8 - ) To ensure the continuity of improvement in line with quality management standards.

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