Faculty Opportunities


Technical Facilities

With its constantly developing faculty physical capacity and teaching staff, it is the pioneer of modern education. Faculty located in Gazi University's Technical Schools main campus; It consists of three interconnected blocks, namely administrative, education-training and laboratory.

There are 4 lecture halls, 36 classrooms, 4 computer laboratories, 73 research laboratories, and 5 seminar halls in the faculty.

Social Facilities

In our faculty, there are various student societies such as Folk Dances, Sports Activities Society, Statistics Society, Gazi University Biological Monitoring and Research Society, Mathematics Society, Turkish Art Music Society, Physics Science and Technology Society, and Chemistry Society.

Our students participate in activities by taking part in the communities they are interested in. In our faculty, many activities such as spring festivals, Nevruz celebrations, scientific congresses organized by the departments, poster presentations, sports tournaments between academic-administrative staff and students are organized as community activities.

Our faculty is located on the Gazi University Central campus and can benefit from all the facilities of the campus.

Our facilities on the campus of our faculty;

Central Library

Central Library's collection of  248,247  books,  82,245  bound periodicals,  12 569  pieces total, including master's thesis  343 061  There publication skin. The number of subscribed periodicals is  76  . As of the end of December 2018, approximately  66,606  electronic journals,  261.953  electronic books,  3,852,721  foreign electronic theses,  16,451  electronic theses made in Gazi University,  16,274  non-book materials and  106  databases are accessible. Each year, 15,000 - 20,000 volumes of new publications are added to the collection.

In the Central Library, readers can benefit from online databases with 119 computers.

Male and Female Hairdressers

Cafes and Canteens

There are two canteens in our faculty building, two third generation coffee shops, two cafes and a bistro on our faculty campus.


A PTT office is located around our faculty, where our students and staff can benefit from discounts and can easily carry out many transactions with cargo and mail.

Bank and ATM

Halkbank Gazi University Branch is located right next to our faculty.

Sports and Fitness activities

There is a basketball court and a volleyball court in the garden of our faculty. There are 4 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts and a football field around it. The swimming pool, shooting range, Turkish bath, sauna and fitness center, which our students can also benefit from, are within walking distance.

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