History of Gazi University Faculty of Science

Gazi University Faculty of Science; first of Economics and Commercial Sciences, depending on the Academy 1978-1979 in Education Statistics and opened as the Faculty of Basic Sciences, in the year 1982 2809 No. of Higher Education Institutions No. 41 Decree Law on the Organization of The Law for the approval of changing the Decree, Gazi University Faculty of Science-Literature Faculty was established.

With the Council of Ministers Decision dated 11 February 2011 and numbered 2010/1371, the name of the Faculty was changed to Faculty of Science . Still in the Faculty of Science  Biology, Physics ,  Statistics, Chemistry  and atematik maintains its operating segments.

The education period of the faculty is 4 years and the language of education is Turkish. In order to improve the quality of education, student exchange programs and double major-minor studies are carried out in the faculty departments.

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